Is Messy a Part of YOUR Process?

They say Chaos and disorder in your living/working environment can seem like it’s physically manifesting itself in how you feel inside your mind at times. If it’s true that “Creative Minds are RARELY Tidy,” then BOW 🙇🏼‍♀️ down before me and KISS my 💍 RING because I am Kristin QUEEN 👸🏻 Of CREATIVES 😜!!! My desk (this picture shows only a small disordered corner of the horror) and floor looks like a Hoarders room just before the INTERVENTIONISTS descend!!! 😳😬😳

Clearly Messy is Part of my PROCESS!!!

Is Messy a part of YOUR process? Do you fight your messy tendencies or have you just resigned yourself to the inevitable? It’s clear where I stand (or crouch in a small corner 😣) in this matter, but how about you?

Comment below. I’d love to know that I am  not the only one to put the FUN 😜 in dysFUNction!! 

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