"It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it!"

To sort of quote the Wizard of Oz, “jewelry makers, knitters, and painters oh my!” There are indeed millions of us, as well as a virtual army of embroiderers, leather workers, soap, candle, and card makers, and so on, and so on. We’re a club with a not very exclusive Membership. Membership, of course, has its privileges; a fabulous collection of craft supplies (i.e. toys), the ability to hoard even the most insignificant items because, we just know we’ll be able to turn that trash into treasure one day; and the skill set required to intuitively know exactly where every necessary item is, even when they’re buried in insane piles scattered all over the workshop floor! But Alas, with so many of us creating like demented little Keebler crafting elves, there may come a time when we say to ourselves; “What kind of fuckery is this” (awesome quote from Amy Winehouse), when we encounter our first creative copycat! You know, the ones who’ve yet to get the memo, that “imitation is the sincerest form of laziness!” These miserable miscreants haven’t cottoned on to the fact that you can’t photoshop your way to a personality, and that the best way to be successful is to focus on your own shit!  But have no fear my talented fellow creative soul sisters, we do have a secret weapon in our arsenal; “It ain’t what we do, it’s the way that we do it!” A copycats idea  to use our idea, may seem like a great idea at the time, but in the end who wants to deal with an imitator, when you can buy from an innovator! The best revenge is to keep being your obstinately, audaciously, insanely, and annoyingly, one of a kind selves my little snowflakes! The best of us march to the beat of our own drums, carve out our own niches, while happily supporting our fellow Creatives, and it’s what I truly love about the arts community! To those who copy, I simply say, " It’s called originality, you ought to try it sometime!”  ♥️

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