Hello! I'm Kristin, the adornment making Creative Soul Sister behind Thrill My Soul Jewelry. Why Thrill My Soul you might ask? Well it came to me as I was listening to the chorus of one of my favourite Doors songs, “Roadhouse Blues.” It suddenly hit me that this was EXACTLY how I feel when I’m creating, and In the ZONE! Of course it also didn’t hurt that it just sounded KICK ASS 😉!

Some of you music savvy chicks might even recognize many of the names for the jewelry I make are taken from songs, “cause that's just how I roll!”

What I've learned over the last 20 years as I've honed my craft and personal aesthetic, is that "HOW it's MADE MATTERS!” I do what I do for the love of art, personal expression, and craftsmenship. For me it’s all about LOVE,  The Beatles knew it too, that's why they sang 🎼"All You Need Is Love, Love...Love Is All You Need!              There is something so gratifying to me about using my hands, to create a one of a kind piece, from quality materials for you!                       I take pride in my work, truly love doing it, and I hope you will find yourself a little something that THRILLS YOUR SOUL in my collection!

Go on now, have yourself a little peek!

Love 💗 from Kristin

TMS Jewelry Designer, Art Lover, Music Snob, and all around Master of the Silly 😜